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Adidas Midwest Elite Camp

November 8, 2014
Top performers

We attended Mike Duncan’s Adidas Midwest Junior Camp on November 8th just outside of Cleveland at Independence High School. This was our first junior event, and we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout, level of competition, and the overall organization of this event. In short, this was a very well-run event with some very good young players.

The junior camp had a different format than the Adidas Midwest high school camp, as well as most other high school camps. This camp included 9o minutes of stations which were well-run and on time. This gave us an hour and a half to evaluate the young players from a fundamental standpoint: Footwork, quickness, size, ability to handle the ball, and ability to shoot the ball.

After the stations the staff broke the campers into two groups consisting of 5th and 6th graders, and 7th and 8th graders. The campers spent the rest of the day playing games. However, these were not your typical 5-on-5 games where there is little-to-no-passing. These games started with one-on one. They then progressed to three-on-three, and then finally to 5-on-5. The full-court games were typical in that the point guards engaged in very little passing, combined with nearly zero player and ball movement. However, being able to see these campers play one-on-one and three-on-three gave us ample opportunity to see each and every player with the ball in his hands. This was a very good format and provided us with a good feel for the players who attended this event.

The top players from the Adidas Midwest Elite Junior Camp were as follows:

8th Grade – Class of 2019

Kenny Ganley – Brecksville

Ganley was the second tallest player in the camp and appears to be 6’2” or 6’3”. He is a long wing with great court vision and a high understanding of the game. Ganley was able to score from wherever he desired in the full-court games. He is an unselfish player who has a beautiful jump shot, as well as the ability to get to the rim. Ganley looks like he has room to grow, and has a nice frame. Ganley has the fundamentals and potential size to become a solid prospect.

CJ Charleston – Bedford

Charleston got better and was more impressive as the day went on. In a word, Charleston is explosive! He has a second AND a third gear that very few players possess. He is as explosive laterally as he is moving forward. At 5’8” or so Charleston nearly dunked over an opponent after blocking his shot and going coast-to-coast for the finish. He is willing to pass the ball, plays tenacious defense, and has the makings of a very nice shot. This is a player to watch, as he is a truly gifted athlete with a nice shoot and a good understanding of the game.

Demetrius Evans – Middleburg Heights

Evans is an explosive athlete and jumps out of the gym. He attempted at least a dozen dunks during the day and had many connect. He was able to penetrate at will and controlled the boards. A nice sized forward, Evans has some work to do on his jump shot. Evans is an excellent athlete and a player to watch.

Ethan Estlack – Lakeview

At 6’3 or 6’4 Estlack was the tallest player in camp. He looked awkward during the skills session and our initial thoughts were that he was just another tall kid with little skills. However, as he transitioned into playing basketball our opinion of Estlack quickly changed. He got better every hour, and by the time the full-court play commenced, Estlack was having his way with everyone who tried to guard him. He has nice hands, good footwork and a nice touch around the basket. Based on the size of his shoes, which we were told were size16, Estlack is defiantly a player to watch as he enters high school next year.

Shubh Khandhadia – St. Margret of York – Cincinnati

Khandhadia is a skillful scorer from the wing. He completely dominated the one-on-one competition. He is an excellent outside shooter, and has the strength and quickness to create his own shot seemingly at will. He has a high motor, excellent length and good size.

Other players to watch in the class of 2019

1. Ryan Cunningham
2. Robert Gray
3. Jiovanni Hutchingson
4. Gregg McGee

7th grade – Class of 2020
Grant Huffman – Aurora

Huffman was by far the best 7th grader at this event. Huffman is a very long combo guard with as high a basketball IQ as we have ever seen for a player this age. Huffman can handle the ball, shoot the ball, penetrate and pass, all exceptionally well. He uses his length to his advantage on defense and has an advanced understanding of all aspects of the game of basketball. Huffman looks like the kind of kid who will end up being fairly tall, and it is our understanding that both of his parents have height, and that he comes from a good basketball pedigree. Huffman is a player to watch and it will not surprise us to read about this kid in November of his senior year of high school when players sign their letters of intent.

Tevin Jackson – Cleveland

Although Jackson is a small guard, he is exactly what a coach looks for in a floor general. At an event where there was little passing and way too much dribbling from the guard position, Jackson decided to try and actually play point… and it showed. Jackson can get by his defender and knows when to kick the ball to the open shooter. He also has a knack for not getting in trouble, even though he is an under sized guard. Jackson also makes his open threes. Jackson played very unselfish during this event and appears to be a point guard capable of playing at a high level of competition.

Other players to watch in the class of 2020

1. Andy Barba
2. Montorie Foster, Jr.
3. Josh Wanton

6th grade – Class of 2021

Seth Wilson

Wilson is one of the best 6th graders in the nation. He was arguably the best player at this camp at all age levels. He is a highly skilled guard with very good size and extremely good fundamentals. He is also very unselfish for a player of his caliber. Wilson impressed us as much with his willingness and ability to pass as he did with his ability to score from just about anywhere. Wilson is a player to keep watching as he matures.

Jaden Hameed – Lee Eaton Middle School

Hameed is another good sized guard who can play the 1 or 2 positions. He has an excellent shot, is a tremendous ball handler, and has great court vision. Hameed can get to the rim on most defenders, as well as shoot effectively from all over the court. Hameed is another kid who should be watched as he matures. Hameed has the makings of a very good player, with a lot of upside as he matures. 

 Other players to watch in the class of 2021

1. Makail Delonte Cottingham
2. Justin Garrett
3. Sirr Hughs

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